Publish date: 16 September 2021

ICE electronic pathology and radiology requests in Halton and Warrington

Currently the Trust uses Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s order communications system (Sunquest ICE) for viewing patients’ diagnostic results, including results from tests ordered from GP practices. 

Halton and Warrington localities in the Mid Mersey division are implementing a new functionality on the ICE system so clinicians can now electronically order pathology and radiology tests, in addition to viewing results. This is available from Tuesday 14 September 2021.

Clinical tests can be requested electronically directly on the ICE system, on the wards, in clinics, and remotely if you are working from home or a care home.

When an electronic request is made for diagnostic tests, a form can be generated and printed with a unique patient identifying number, along with associated unique sample bar codes.  The ICE form, with the unique patient number and barcodes, should be available on all Hollins Park and Brooker Centre wards, and within Warrington and Halton’s community teams.

Alternatively, the form can be generated by a healthcare professional in a patient’s local phlebotomy clinic, or in the patient’s own GP practice (with the GP’s permission).

This new request function is only available for those samples being tested in Warrington and Halton Hospital’s pathology labs.

This change does not apply to Widnes residents whose samples are sent to St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Will ICE request be set up for St Helens and Knowlsey Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust?

Not at this stage. However the division will see how this pilot works and then discuss the possibility with Whiston colleagues.

Why the change?

  • Clear legible requests with unique patient identifying labels
  • ICE provides prompts that can aid test selection process
  • Improvement in data quality and an audit trail is secured
  • Other secondary and primary healthcare professionals can access your request at the point of taking the patient sample(s) if your community team does not have the facilities/staff to take samples
  • Patients can take the request form to a phlebotomist of their choice (in the Warrington or Halton area only)

Do I have to request electronically?

You do not have to always use the ICE request function. You could continue using the paper order forms, however using electronic requests will mean we have improved data quality.

What training is available?

You can view a short training video and quick reference guides, which explain how to use the ICE request function. You may need to use Google Chrome to view this training video.

Is there any other equipment my team might need?

Yes, you will need two things:

  • A printer for printing the request forms. Discuss this with your team manager if you don’t have ready access to a suitable printer.
  • A supply of Anglia ICE forms. These are template forms that can be printed through any suitable desktop printer.


How do I order copies of the Anglia ICE unique patient identifying and barcode forms?

You can ring Warrington Hospital’s Pathology Stores on 01925 662 265.

You can complete the Pathology Stores order form and request the Anglia ICE Forms – they come in packs of 250 blank forms. 


What are the business continuity arrangements if ICE is temporarily unavailable?

You should revert to using paper test request forms.


How do I request an ICE account for a new member of staff?

Any managers arranging new accounts to access Warrington and Halton Hospitals ICE system will need to state if they need Read Only account or a an Read + Request account depending on staff role.   An ICE request form should be completed by the user and then submitted to the IG Team ( for approval. The IG Team will then forward the approved form to Warrington and Halton Hospitals for access to ICE to be set up. Once set up, Warrington and Halton Hospitals will notify the user directly for their access details.

How do I access ICE for Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS FT?

Use this hyperlink

Are there any changes for administration/clerical staff?

There is no change in individual access to the ICE system using your usual log in details. You will be able to view the blood tests ordered by the clinicians in your team; if needed you will be able to print a request form with the patient’s unique identifying number and bar codes to give or post out to patients, carers or care homes as necessary.

The clinician who requested the tests should continue to check the ICE system for the expected results.

Where can I look for more information about pathology services?

How do I solve any problems with ICE Request?

The new ICE request function will be available from Tuesday 14 September 2021. If you have any problems accessing the ICE Request function, make sure you have:

Who can I ask if I have any questions?