Publish date: 1 June 2021

All former North West Boroughs staff should now have access to Mersey Care’s brand new intranet site YourSpace. The site should automatically load as your homepage when you open any web browser.

YourSpace has been built on the same platform as StaffZone, with a similar design and layout so hopefully the new intranet will look and feel familiar to you.

Logging in
You can login to the new YourSpace intranet site in the same way you log-in to StaffZone – by clicking ‘login’ in the top right hand corner. You may be asked to enter your email address and password the first time you login but this should only appear once if you tick the box which gives you the option to stay logged in. If you are having trouble logging in, contact the IT Helpdesk on 0151 676 5678. 

Mid Mersey division area
As some guidance and processes for Mid Mersey division staff will remain separate for the time being, we have created a dedicated area on YourSpace for Mid Mersey specific guidance, including:

•    COVID-19 processes and guidance
•    HR processes and guidance
•    IT support
•    Medicines management
•    Incident reporting
•    Information about Mid Mersey specific projects and initiatives, such as Kinnect and the lessons learned framework

You can find the area under the clinical tab.

Policies and procedures
YourSpace features a policies and procedures library very similar to the policies library on StaffZone, so the way you access these won’t change much. 

On YourSpace, each policy and procedure will include a label to indicate which division/s it applies to for quick reference. North West Boroughs staff transferring to Mersey Care should follow policies and procedures labelled ‘Trust wide’ and ‘Mid Mersey’. 

Like StaffZone, you will be able to search for a policy using key words but you will notice the drop-down search function has been amended to enable you to search by division, rather than by policy type. This drop-down list will include Mid Mersey, Local and Community, plus Trust wide for any policies relevant to all staff. A second policy type filter will be added later this year to further enhance the search function.

Due to their confidential nature, policies and procedures relating to the Secure and Specialist Learning Disability (SLD) division will continue to be hosted on Mersey Care’s internal SharePoint site, which staff on Chesterton, Tennyson and Marlowe units who are moving under the Secure and SLD division should now have access to.

What if I can't find something I used to have access to on StaffZone?

If you have tried searching for the page or document using the search function and still can't find what you're looking for, email