Publish date: 10 June 2022

Our Knowsley Falls Team now provides a new service called Falls and Fracture Prevention. The aim is to become more preventative rather than reactive to meet the needs of our local population.

They now offer community clinic appointments for patients. This will help reduce waiting times and improve the patient’s journey. We will of course, continue to offer some appointments at the homes of our most vulnerable and housebound patients.

There is a new referral form to help us triage and determine the correct appointment type for patients.

You can contact the team on, or call 0151 244 3362.

Please refer to the Falls and Fracture Prevention service for all patients for a clinical assessment, however, if it is a single issue around encouraging exercise in the older population then you may refer directly to Everton in the Community for their Safe and Steady programme. For more information on the Safe and Steady programme contact