Publish date: 11 July 2022

To support the alignment of former-NWBH process to existing Safeguarding Assurance within Mersey Care, we will implement an improved governance process for clinical & management oversight of safeguarding risks by optimising the Rio functionality and strengthening safeguarding discussions within daily safety huddles and other care & risk review activities.

  • A Safeguarding Report function is available to provide daily safety huddles/team meetings/handovers with awareness of current and ongoing safeguarding matters amongst the clinical caseloads. The report can inform multi-disciplinary discussion and safety planning.
  • Where the MDT require safeguarding advice and support, this can be sought through a Rio referral mechanism.
  • The Safeguarding Activity Update form now includes bespoke options for managers & clinical leads to capture oversight of the clinical activity and conclude the safeguarding concerns raised within their teams.

Briefing Sessions for Managers & Clinical Leads to promote confidence and skills for capturing safeguarding assurance within Rio are now available:

July 2022


Tuesday 19 July 2022




Wed 20 July 2022




Tue 26 July 2022




Wed 27 July 2022



Sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams. To receive an electronic invite to attend one of the above sessions please email