Measures outline any changes the new employer intends or envisages they will need to make following the transfer.

You will receive details of any changes (measures) the new employer intends to make.

You can expect to receive regular updates during the consultation process.

Wirral Community Health and Care intend that, after the proposed transfer date, the following measures will be taken in connection with transferred services:

  • Change in pay date to the penultimate day of the month (where this falls on a weekend, payment will be made on the Friday before)
  • Structural changes in relation to the new model (model will be shared shortly)
  • A split in role for Band 5, 6 and 7 to focus on either Universal or Targeted caseloads (staff to be given the choice of). Job rotation will be available through a transfer window after six months to support staff to maintain their skills
  • Changes in role/responsibilities which will impact on Band 7 grouping of staff, however there will be sufficient posts to accommodate all staff at this level
  • Service redesign of the Family Nurse Partnership service to an Enhancing Families Pathway.