Despite their contribution, carers often face barriers when accessing health and care services. These barriers include not being identified as carers, and not having reasonable adjustments made to enable improved access to services; a lack of awareness about what carers do, their role as expert partners in care, and a failure to involve carers in care planning and decisions; and not being able to have their own health and wellbeing needs met due to caring responsibilities.

Our Carer Engagement and Leads are here to help.

Meet the team


Ann Hanlon, Associate Director of Carer Engagement

07814 456 219

Claire Dutton, Strategic Carer Engagement Lead 

07824 432 785

Jeff Robinson, Carer Engagement Officer (Knowsley/Sefton/Liverpool)

07976 133 235

Rachel Henshaw, Carer Engagement Officer (Warrington/St Helens/Halton), 07436 905 144



Rowena Saunderson (SPLD), Forensic Social Worker


0151 472 4070

Tracy Collard, Service User and Carer Engagement Coordinator for Secure Care

07776 488 672

Christo Chakalov, Service User and Carer Participation Manager for Community Care

07717 717 571

Cath Mills, Service User and Carer Lead for Mental Health Care

(9 to 5pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only)

07920 829 073

We all have an important role in making sure we recognise and support our unpaid carers, and they have barriers removed so they can access and receive care in an appropriate, enabling, and supportive way.

It’s our aspiration to have a Carer Champion in every service. Our carer champion’s will act as a staff voice for carers accessing your service and be a key point of contact for carer information within your service.

The role of the Carer Champion includes:

  • Being the link person between carers and staff
  • Providing information to staff, patients and families about carers and support
  • Raising awareness of carers and support available
  • Helping carers understand the ward environment and/or the service
  • Developing links with other services/professionals
  • Developing links with families and friends
  • Signposting carers in the right direction for support.

The Carer Champion will:

  • Attend carer champion meetings and training
  • Be a member of the Carer Champion Network where they can keep up to date with information, developments and opportunities
  • Be provided with time to attend meetings, events and specified training
  • Provide support to the Team Manager on the Triangle of Care standards

If you are interested in becoming a Carer Champion or you are already a Carer Champion and would like to continue in this role, please speak to your line manager and contact the Carer Engagement Team on:


Phone number: 01925 972 801

Our dedicated carers section of the website is now live, and offers help, advice, training and support for everyone that performs the role of carer.

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