Publish date: 30 September 2021

Black History Month is an annual observance. It began as African-American History Month but it now observed across the world, originally as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. In the UK, it is celebrated in October.

This year, members of the trust's BAME staff network have made a film to set out how they - and their wider colleagues - feel about the network, what it's achieved and how Mersey Care supports them.

As the theme of this year's BHM is about "proud to be...", network members are going to be sharing their thoughts on social media as well: Fatima, one of the stars of the video, is first up!

We'll be announcing more news from the group here so keep checking back.

Learn more from the official UK website where there is a full timetable, many interviews and some great downloads: