Publish date: 29 November 2021

Progress made to realise the benefits of the acquisition of North West Boroughs Healthcare

Following our update on 27 September 2021 regarding the establishment of the Benefits Realisation Programme, work has continued to ensure that the potential benefits for our patients, staff and other stakeholders are fully realised. Some key successes since the last update include:

QRVs, accreditation and CQC quality improvement

Quality Review Visits (QRVs) form part of a 3 step quality and compliance model consisting of Self-Assessment, QRV and Accreditation. They are part of the Trusts plans for CQC preparedness. To date, a total of 63 Quality Review Visits (QRVs) have been completed within the Mid Mersey Division out of a total of 106. The remaining 43 are planned to be completed by December 2021. Feedback from QRVs will be shared across the divisions and good practice will be celebrated. Any emerging issues and concerns will be taken forward via divisional performance and governance processes.

Sharing Learning from the Patient Access Programme                                                       

In keeping with our aim to share best practice and learning from the former North West Boroughs Healthcare (NWBH) and pre-acquisition Mersey Care, work is being progressed to see how the Patient Access Programme (previously implemented in NWBH) can be implemented in the enlarged Mersey Care. The aim of the Patient Access Programme developed by NWBH was to reduce the length of time patients waited to be seen within its clinical services. In addition, the development of this programme was to ensure all patients were being monitored whilst within the Trust’s care and reduce the number of clinical errors. All divisions met during October 2021 to agree the next steps and plans, and the programme will be rolled out trust-wide from April 2022. All relevant staff will be engaged with in relation to the changes in processes.