Publish date: 15 July 2021

Patients who are being moved between Wigan and Mid Mersey mental health inpatient wards should now be recorded on Rio as a discharge and a new referral opened by the receiving ward.

This is because since 1 April, Wigan and Mid Mersey wards now sit under different provider organisations so it is no longer classed as a ward transfer. 

What you will need to do

If a patient is being moved between a Wigan and Mid Mersey inpatient ward, the current inpatient spell should be discharged and a new admission entered to the new ward.

Please be aware that Rio functionality will still allow a ward transfer to be completed but this should not be used in this scenario.

From today (Thursday 15 July), in cases where the ward transfer has been incorrectly entered it will need to be reversed. This can be done by contacting System Support (Mid Mersey division) on Tel: 01925 664 016 or by email to:

Closing current spell and referral

The referral discharge reason should be recorded as one of the following:

  • Transferred to other healthcare provider high secure unit
  • Transferred to other healthcare provider medium secure unit
  • Transferred to other healthcare provider not medium/high secure

Discharge destination should be recorded as ‘NHS other hospital provider - ward for patients who are mentally ill’.

Opening new referral and spell

Admit the patient to the new ward as a new referral and select admission source as:

  • NHS other hospital provider - ward for mentally ill/learning disabilities