Storeton Rose Financial Planning will be delivering a series of financial wellbeing webinars to support our workforce during these times of increased living costs.

The sessions will be delivered on Microsoft Teams and are themed. Each session will be approximetly 45 minutes. If you attend one of our session’s you will have the option to register for a free 15 minute guidance session with a Chartered Financial Planner on a 1:1 basis. Join one of the webinars and complete the survey that we will send to you during the webinar to register for your free session! The survey will be sent to each attendee during the webinar to maximise completion rates and gather as much information as possible for our mutual feedback. Here is a copy of the Storeton Rose Survey.

You can download a printable overview of the webinars here.

Below is the schedule for the remaining webinars and the links for each session. Descriptions for each of the sessions can also be found in the accompanying text. 

Date Session Type 12:30pm session link 6pm session link
Thursday 30 June 'Everybody needs a plan' and 'Benefits from the NHS' Register for this session here Register for this session here
Thursday 28 July 'Are you sat on a pot of gold?' And 'Know your taxes' Register for this session here Register for this session here
Thursday 25 August 'Moving on up' Register for this session here Register for this session here

Session three - Thursday 30 June - 'Everybody needs a plan'

This session will focus on the benefits of having a financial plan.  We know that financial worries are one of the main causes of stress and anxiety amongst adults in the UK. Taking control of your finances, managing your money and planning for the future can all have a positive impact on not only yours and your family’s financial future but also yours and your family’s physical and mental health.

Laura will educate you on how you can start your financial planning, what key areas to focus on and where to find support, guidance and advice whatever your financial need may be.

'Benefits from the NHS'

We will take a look at the financial support and benefits provided by the NHS.  This includes things like sick pay, life cover, the NHS pension scheme and other financial benefits.

Session four - Thursday 28 July - 'Are you sat on a pot of gold?'

Did you know that every employer now needs to ensure that they offer a pension scheme to almost every employee in the UK?  This means that more and more people who have had several different jobs outside of the NHS at some point in their career will have accumulated multiple pensions over the years.  Does this sound like you or your husband, wife, partner, parents?  If so come and join us on a session that explores the benefits of pension schemes, looks at how to track down those lost and missing pensions of the past and tells you how to make sure you get the most of the state pension when your time comes.  This is free money to most of us so make sure that you don’t miss out!

'Know your taxes'

The second part of this session looks at the ways in which you can reduce the amount of money that you pay in tax and put that money back into your pocket instead!  We will explore tax efficient savings and investments and hints and tips to make sure your finances work for you and not just the taxman!

Session five - Thursday 25 August - 'Moving on up'

Here we will focus on buying property and obtaining mortgages whether you be a first time buyer, an existing homeowner, an investor looking to purchase a buy to let or anything else.  We will talk to you about the best way to get the best mortgage deals out there and ensure that you are obtaining the lowest interest rate possible whilst you still can.  We will also talk about how you can get on the property ladder even if it’s starting to feel impossible or how you can start an investment portfolio in property and the benefits and pitfalls of doing so.  We have lots of hints and tips that you likely will not have heard of before and as always, we are more than happy to share!

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It is understood that Mersey Care are promoting intervention and awareness sessions as part of their financial wellbeing offer, and do not take any responsibility nor accountability for any future agreements made between Mersey Care colleagues and external financial/utility businesses.