Storeton Rose Financial Planning will be delivering a series of financial wellbeing webinars to support our workforce during these times of increased living costs.

The sessions will be delivered on Microsoft Teams and are themed. Each session will be approximetly 45 minutes. If you attend one of our session’s you will have the option to register for a free 15 minute guidance session with a Chartered Financial Planner on a 1:1 basis. Join one of the webinars and complete the survey that we will send to you during the webinar to register for your free session! The survey will be sent to each attendee during the webinar to maximise completion rates and gather as much information as possible for our mutual feedback. Here is a copy of the Storeton Rose Survey.

Dates for Spring/Summer 2022 have now been completed. Keep checking this page for dates for Autumn/Winter.

Date Session Type 12:30pm session link 6pm session link


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It is understood that Mersey Care are promoting intervention and awareness sessions as part of their financial wellbeing offer, and do not take any responsibility nor accountability for any future agreements made between Mersey Care colleagues and external financial/utility businesses.