HR Case Manager is designed to assist and help record and manage HR cases.  It provides an integrated system with Health Manager and Absence Manager.

  • Provides a complete integrated overview of HR case types such as short-term sickness, long-term sickness, disciplinary, civility and resolution, supporting improvement and MHPS.
  • Managers and HR colleagues can see and make more informed HR decisions in context, with clearer sight of correlations and overlaps between absence, health and other HR case drivers.
  • Achieves simpler and more streamlined administration across all business areas.
  • Disciplinary, grievance and other employee relations cases may overlap with associated issues such as absence or health issues and therefore can be managed concurrently.
  • Reduces complexity, risks and potential liabilities by building complete audit trails of all HR case interactions.
  • HR Case Manager has the ability to monitor trends and patterns at employee, department and organisation level which will enable Mersey Care to identify improvements to support individuals or the wider workforce.

The implementation of the Empactis system is being led by Chris Lyons, Director for Strategic Programmes and Development and is supported by a small project team.

Details to follow...


Details to follow...

The project team would welcome your support and input in implementing this new system.  In particular, we are looking for representatives from each division, including corporate and Informatics Merseyside for the following roles for all three modules.

  • Super users
  • Users to test out the system before go-live
  • Train the Trainers

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above roles, please contact us at