The development of English and maths skills are an essential part of any Apprenticeship course of study. These subjects can be developed through Functional Skills which are recognised as a direct equivalent to a traditional GCSE qualification. 

Individuals who wish to be considered for an Apprenticeship will need to complete functional skills maths and English if these qualifications have-not already been gained or proof or these qualifications cannot be obtained. 

Universities have also told us that developing maths and English skills as part of the curriculum is important. It means that young people and adults entering HE are more able to immediately focus on their course and cope with what comes their way.

Functional skills can be studied through several partner organisations that Mersey Care works with to assist individual to gain the relevant qualification to progress through or onto an apprenticeship programme. 

These courses are usually free of charge to colleagues within the Trust who wish to progress onto further study through the apprenticeships.

There are several Apprenticeships that require Functionals skills to be in place prior to commencement on a course.

  • All non-integrated and Integrated Undergraduate and Post graduate Degree Level Apprenticeships (Level 5 – 7)  

To ensure that widening participation can take place within apprenticeships lower-level courses usually allow individuals to complete function skills maths and English while on Programme. 

  • Entry and intermediate Apprenticeships (Levels 2-4) *This is subject to provider approval and is subject to change based on course delivery method and course content*

Individuals who wish to be considered for an Apprenticeship will need to complete functional skills Maths and English if these qualifications have-not already been gained or proof or these qualifications cannot be obtained.​




If you are looking to improve your maths skills or prepare for a functional skills exam, you can sign up the National Numeracy Challenge which will give access to lots of free resources that will help you.  The National Numeracy Challenge is an a free online learning tool that will help you to improve your everyday maths skills in easy manageable steps.

Functional Skills Virtual Classes Now Available

Mersey Care and the Growth Company Education and Skills have come together to offer Mersey Care staff access to virtual classes for Maths, English & Digital skills qualifications. This is available for any member of staff wishing to upskill or gain a qualification for personal or professional development, the courses will be delivered via blended learning with online and tutor support, that can be delivered to support individuals and their shift patterns.

Delivery Model (each subject)

  • Duration 8-12 weeks
  • 1 hour remote Teaching session per week via teams, arranged at the most suitable time for the learner. (Working hours)
  • 2 hours self-teaching using BKSB, City & Guilds
  • Invigilated exams can be online or in Skills Centre
  • Full support by a tutor for the duration of the programme, contactable via phone and email

To access this learning staff can apply using the CPD apply system and you will need to gain your line managers approval.   If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit the CPD site on SharePoint here.

If you would like further information, please contact our Apprenticeship Team

Once weekly remote delivery 1 hour Maths and 1 hour English.  Options are available to attend both subjects one day (Subject to provider resource availability)


  1. Complete a CPD Application Form and submit electronically for approval.
    • When completing the CPD Application form please ignore the course lenght and provider.  The apprenticeship team will complete this on your behalf.  
    • The Form will also ask for a Date Please enter the 1st of the following Month from you application.  This will not be your start date as this will be dictated by the provider.  Inorder for the for to submit a date is required.  
  2. Once a CPD application is approved by your manager you will be contacted by the apprenticeship team to complete a provider enrolment form 
  3. Referrals for the courses are made monthly to the provider once sufficient numbers are in place for a cohort, enrolements will start.  
  4. Once referral forms have been sent by the trust to the provider  The provider will contact applicants directly and arrange for initial assessment, confirmation of course level and start date.

For any further information about Functional Skills please visit the Learning and Development Prospectus.    

Alternatively please contact: