Long Service Recognition Award

All members of staff who have 25 years NHS Service or more and have not previously received a long service award from an NHS employer, will be eligible.

All NHS service will count towards the Award whether part time or full time service. Breaks in service will not affect eligibility, but such breaks will not count towards the Award.

Where the service is spread across more than one NHS employer, the total length of service will have to be verified by reference to NHS Pension Scheme or P60's etc. provided by the applicant.

If you have worked in the NHS for 25 Years, please complete the form (Appendix A) at the back of the Long service procedure.

You will need to have the form signed by your line manager, once signed it can be scanned and sent via email to NWBHworkforce@merseycare.nhs.uk or sent via internal mail to the Workforce Office in Hollins Park House.