Mersey Care is continuing its links to Salad Money, an organisation which offers a service to people who may have impaired credit scores. Salad Money provide small loans and free financial education as a not-for-profit social enterprise. You can use their benefits calculator to get a free and impartial assessment of all the benefits you are entitled to and what you have to do to claim them.

The benefits calculator will ask some questions about your circumstances, your household and your finances. Then, it will search across all the benefits and grants you can claim, calculate how much you can get and what you have to do to receive the benefits you are entitled to. Just bear in mind that the results of this calculator are a guide to potential entitlement and are dependent on your answers.

You can also find organisations that offer free and independent money advice, can answer all your queries regarding your benefits’ claims and will make sure that your benefits’ applications are correct.

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