How to contact the Mid Mersey Division team

If you have any concerns or would like advice telephone: 0151 244 3331 or email: 

Introducing a Trust wide Safeguarding Hub

On 31 October 2022, a central Safeguarding Duty Hub will become operational which will allow you to seek safeguarding support and consultation from one single point of contact. This will bring together the clinical excellence of existing and recently acquired Trusts to Mersey Care to offer a robust system of safeguarding support to staff in practice.

Staff will be able to contact the hub by a universal phoneline, email inbox and Microsoft Teams for advice and support on a range of safeguarding issues.

Safeguarding supervision is delivered through a number of models and the style of the sessions is reactive to the learning and skills need of the workforce.

The primary offer is the opportunity for the workforce to access supervision live in practice, as needed through a designated safeguarding duty practitioner. There is a supplementary layer of safeguarding support across the Trust which includes Managers and Clinical Leads and a Safeguarding Champions in all clinical teams. MHLD Safeguarding Children Team are available to support teams when safeguarding concerns require that additional/specialist knowledge and skill and can be accessed Mon-Fri 9-5 by calling 0151 244 3331.

The mental health/learning disability workforce also have the opportunity to pre-book a convenient time in their diary for 1:1 or Group Supervision sessions which are case specific, by emailing this request to

All staff within mental health/learning disability services across the Trust are offered direct case supervision from the safeguarding children team, as they need it. All clinical services that work directly with clients under the age of 18 are required to receive formal safeguarding supervision each quarter. This is provided through the format of group supervision delivered by mental health/learning disability safeguarding children team. Those teams that work directly with children are provided with a quarterly briefing presentation within safeguarding supervision and the subject used to host reflective thematic discussions within clinical teams.

All supervision is currently delivered virtually

MHLD Safeguarding Children Team deliver bespoke training and learning sessions that support staff in their job as they safeguard in practice. Regular training sessions are delivered to allow staff access to learning which is face-to-face / virtual and interactive learning experience.  Courses and sessions are advertised throughout the year for staff to book a place.

Where there is a local or bespoke need for training on specific aspects of the vast safeguarding landscape, these can be arranged and delivered to teams, boroughs and specific groups as required.

Existing training packages and briefing sessions available on request include:

  • Safeguarding Children L3 Core (Adult Facing Services)

  • Safeguarding Children L3 Specialist (Child Facing Services)

  • Parental Mental Health & Parenting Capacity

  • Understanding Thresholds of Need

  • Effective Use of Escalation Procedures

  • Contextual Safeguarding – Extra-familial Harm

  • County Lines Awareness

  • Identifying & Responding to Neglect / NSPCC Graded Care Training

  • Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Children

  • Was Not Brought Vs Did Not Attend

  • Impact of COVID-19  on Safeguarding Children

  • Domestic Abuse  - Asking the Question

  • Domestic Abuse & COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Think Family & Early Help

Further packages and briefing sessions will become available throughout the year.  To discuss safeguarding training and learning opportunities please contact the team