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The guidance on this page relates to Mid Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021.

These FAQs specifically relate to asymptomatic staff testing for patient-facing staff using lateral flow home testing kits.

How do I order more lateral flow tests?

NHS organisations will no longer receive supplies of these kits as a new service is now available for staff to order their own from GOV.UK. Staff must continue to report all results through: or for Mid Mersey Division staff: Read our frequently asked questions on YourSpace


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Halton Brooker Centre

Halton St John's EIT

Knowsley Inpatients

Knowsley Puma Court

Sefton Litherland WIC

St Helens SLT

Warrington (Specialist Wards & Corporate)

Should I continue testing during annual leave?

You may continue to test yourself while on annual leave, but it is not a requirement.

How do I report my results?

You must report each test result yourself by completing a simple online form which you can access on your own smartphone using the QR code below or using this link:

Lateral flow QR.png

If possible, please don’t open the link using Internet Explorer as it may not display correctly. Google Chrome or Safari are good alternatives.

What happens if I get a positive result?

If your test result is positive, you MUST follow these steps:

  • Make a note of the date of your test – you will need it later to input your follow-up test result
  • Immediately report your result to your line manager or deputy and isolate with your household.
  • Arrange a confirmatory PCR test (this is the standard test carried out at a testing centre)
  • You will need to report the result of your follow-up PCR test using the online system (even if it is negative). You will need to know the date you took your lateral flow home test when you received a positive result. Log your results using this link:
  • If your PCR test is positive, inform your line manager or deputy and isolate in line with government guidance.

What happens if my test is negative, but I have coronavirus symptoms?

If you have coronavirus symptoms, please arrange PCR test (this is the standard test carried out at a testing centre) at a national testing centre that is local to you.

If I have a positive PCR Covid-19 test, do I continue with the lateral flow tests?

If you test positive through the standard PCR test, you DO NOT need to self-test at home using the lateral flow test for 90 days from the date you became positive.

Now asymptomatic testing is available to all UK residents, do I still need to do this?

Yes. We are urging all patient-facing staff to take part in the lateral flow testing through the Trust. This is so we can collate and report results about our staff nationally.

We also are now able to offer test kits to non-patient-facing staff who are returning to work. If you chose to take up this offer you must test yourself twice a week and report the results of each test yourself by completing a simple online form using this link

You are welcome to access LFD Tests from the government website in addition to our staff testing process if you wish.

Can I use the tests for symptomatic family members?

No. Family members who have symptoms should access   PCR test from a local testing centre.