Staff consultation and engagement

We are committed to the process of consultation being meaningful.

Formal consultation started on 15 February for a period of 30 calendar days.

The launch presentation was not intended to answer individual questions. There will be opportunities for individual consultation meetings where questions can be raised.

Representatives from both employers were in attendance to answer your questions.

TUPE is a formal process and there will be certain standard letters that you will receive about the process.

There is certain information that we are required to share by law with the new organisation about staff who are transferring, details of which will be shared with you.

We will answer questions we receive during the process and these will be posted on this page on YourSpace.

The email address to send any questions to is

You can request an individual consultation meeting via if you feel you require one. 

Check the this YourSpace page as information will be regularly updated.

Speak to your staff side representative – staff side are the formal mechanism for consultation so can raise issues or concerns on your behalf

What can I expect from the consultation process?

  • The legal requirements in accordance with TUPE are to inform and consult with employee representatives (staff side). Regular meetings will be arranged
  • The consultation requirements of TUPE relate to any measures or action the new employer proposes to take
  • You can expect to have your views listened to and considered and receive feedback as appropriate
  • You can request to have a discussion (individual consultation meeting) about the transfer
  • You can expect to receive details of any changes (measures) the new employer intends to make
  • You can expect to receive regular updates during the consultation process
  • We know that the language used in respect of TUPE can be difficult to understand so please ask about anything you are unsure of
  • You can expect us to work in partnership with ICB to ensure a smooth transition for our staff.