Publish date: 14 January 2022

Annual leave carry over and buy back

It is the Trust’s expectation that colleagues take all of their annual leave, where possible. Only where service need has meant you’ve been unable to take leave will the below apply. Please find a link to the SOP.

Approval may be given for the carry over of up to 75 hours (10 days) outstanding annual leave into 2022/2023. This process is open to colleagues across the Trust who have not been able to take their leave due to service need. 

After any carry forward of annual leave, agreement and approval may be given for the Trust to buy back up to a maximum of 5 days annual leave from colleagues. Annual leave buy back will only be authorised for up to 37.5 hours (days 11 to 15), that is, after the decision to carry over 75 hours (10 days). 

To process these requests, we are reinstating the form on SharePoint in YourHR, Employee Lifecycle, and the aeroplane icon, for carry over/buy back of annual leave from 31 January 2022.

This must initially be completed by you as the person making the request for carry-over of annual leave. Your request must be submitted no later than close of play on 14 February 2022 - anything after this date may not be processed.

If you ask to carry over 75 hours (10 days), the option to request the Trust buy back up to 37.5 hours of your annual leave will automatically appear. You must complete this if you want the Trust to buy back up to 37.5 hours (5 days) over and above your 75 hours (10 days) carried over.

Your request will be sent to the Senior Approving Manager for your Division /Department. This will involve managers such as Associate Director of Strategic Operations/Deputy COO/COOs for clinical divisions and Director/Senior Manager for corporate services for review, and will be approved or declined. This must be completed by close of play 28 February 2022. Any applications submitted outside of these timescales will not be processed for approval.

Payment for buy back of annual leave will be made in March 2022 pay.