The Patient Safety Team supports the organisational aim of learning from patient safety and all incidents to improve the safety and quality of patient care.

As a team they have established and maintain incident and risk management systems. They work closely with divisions to ensure that the Trust meets it's key performance indicators for serious incidents and Duty of Candour and that trends in serious incidents and the findings of related reviews are reported within the organisation. 

They liaise closely with our key external stakeholders – Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), NHS England/Improvement, other provider organisations, police and regulators to ensure that reviews are carried following due process and within the national serious incident framework.

Their aim is to assist and support the clinical divisions to conduct timely and robust reviews based on sound methodology with a proactive approach to learning from incidents, whilst supporting the patients, families/carers and colleagues with compassion throughout the process.

A restorative “Just culture and Learning” approach is embedded in the serious incident process ensuring that an environment is created where staff feel supported and empowered to learn when things do not go as expected and where systemic contributing factors are identified rather than apportioning blame. This approach aims to allow the Trust to examine incidents openly (without fear of inappropriate sanction) and compassionately supports those affected so that risks are addressed and learning is maximised. 

The Patient Safety Team, on occasion, may directly commission and undertake serious incident reviews where there is a conflict of interest within or between divisions and will oversee the conduct and participation in any external reviews.

Serious Incidents and Duty of Candour clincis are now availble every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon between 13:30 and 15:30.  The serious Incident clinics have been arranged to support lead reviewers undertaking learning reviews as part of the SI framework.  To book a place on one of these clinics please contact:

Key functions






Head of Integrated Governance - Safety

Claire Brockbank




Patient Safety & Mortality Clinical Manager

Jenna Jamieson

Serious Incident Lead





Serious Incident Co-ordinator

Jeannie Dunn

01925 664452


Chris Jones Risk Co-ordinator   Chris

Karen Maguire

Mortality & Incident Data Technician