Back in March 2020, the communications team thought it vital that our staff could access information when they were away from work so we created a closed Facebook group for staff. This offered a chance for staff to keep in touch with one another during the nation’s first national lockdown.

All staff can to join the Facebook group, and in order to do so, you will need to visit this link, and answer ALL THREE questions, or your application will not be approved.

  • Where you work
  • What division you work in
  • Do you agree with all of the group’s rules (listed on facebook)

To join, visit: the Mersey Care Staff Facebook Group

Being kind to each other

Check out our social media policy. Using your own account for work can blur boundaries and it’s not the place for chatting or discussing work issues.

You can also become an unwitting spokesperson for your organisation, and if your account is public what you say can easily be taken and used in the media as a quote. Some employers even look at social media profiles before interviews; do you really want the person who’s interviewing you to see you dancing on a table on your last holiday or even worse complaining about your current employer?

Think before you post. Would you be happy for it to go in the newsletter? Would you make that comment in a team meeting? Or say it to your manager? If not don’t post it.

Social media is now part of daily life. Think how your words may affect someone or how you would feel if it was said to you, and remember ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’.

Hints and tips

The communications team has put together a new guide for staff full of hints, tips and guidance on best practice.

If you are contacted by a journalist via social media or want to contact the communications team for general advice, please email:

If you choose to identify as a member of the NHS on your social media, please be aware that members of the public (and journalists in particular) can, and often do, use Twitter to illustrate stories or use staff posts as examples.

Read the social media guide here