What are Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Networks and why do we need them?

Networks are an incredibly powerful way to engage people in diversity and inclusion. The networks create a safe place where our staff can share personal stories and experiences to help improve things at the Trust, as well as seek peer support in relation to their health and wellbeing. In addition the networks enable staff to have a voice and impact on the Trusts strategies, policies and procedures, issues raised during network meetings are taken forward to executive level if necessary and required actions are recorded and resolved if possible prior to the next monthly meeting. The key to a successful network is asking the members what they want from the network.

What is the role of the Executive Sponsor?

The Executive Sponsor will be a Board member who will add credibility to the network’s profile within the Trust.  The Executive sponsor will champion the network to support the long term success of the network by liaising with the Board and other senior staff about the work of the network. Having an Executive sponsor shows our commitment to managers allowing staff to participate in the network events.


  • To attend all meetings and be the key conduit between the network and the executive sponsor

  • Help grow the membership

  • Show drive and passion to make a difference to our employees

  • Use staff stories to shape the organisation’s equality and inclusion work plan

  • Work with people services facilitator to raise awareness of successes, meeting dates and events through the usual communication routes

Vice Chair

  • To attend all meetings

  • To deputise for the Chair when unavailable

  • Support the chair with their duties