IAPTUS is a patient management system that was developed as one of the original systems used by the first pilot sites for the IAPT programme. To date IAPTUS is used by over 80 such organisations across the UK.


Having good knowledge of the system will mean that staff will be able to work within iaptus efficiently to increase time spent with patients. Easily managing patient flow will help services track and influence their outcomes.

Useful tips

  • Don’t use the back button on your browser while in IAPTUS. It might not take you to the page you are expecting because of the way IAPTUS loads.

  • Don’t use multiple windows/tabs while in IAPTUS. If you do you can easily time out without realising and be kicked out of the system before you can save what you are working on. Much more importantly you can confuse the system if you load different patients in different windows/tabs and this can lead to data corruption.

  • Read your pop ups; by doing this you will prevent issues of things not saving when you thought it had.