Supportive Documentation for completion of Preceptorship Paperwork, including examples and additional pages can be downloaded below:

Frequently asked questions from managers and previous cohorts

The programme is open to all Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), Nurses, Qualified Nurse Associates (QNAs), International Recruits and those Returning to Practice (RTP) - where Mersey Care is their first employment since registration or returning, or they are new to Merseycare from a different trust or private healthcare organisation, but have been on a professional register for less than 12 months.

Preceptees should automatically be enrolled onto the programme however:

If you are a line manager and have a new preceptee, please email with the details of the new starter and we will ensure that they are enrolled.

If you are a preceptee and you have not had contact from the preceptorship team within 2 weeks of commencing post, please email and you will be supported.

Once a preceptee Nurse has been validated on the take charge competency they are able to be left in charge of a ward as the only qualified member of staff. QNAs are unable to take charge without the support of another registered colleague. We appreciate that taking charge may cause some anxieties therefore we encourage supportive conversations to take place prior to the preceptee being validated.

If a preceptee is unexpectedly left in charge prior to this being validated then they should be provided with as much support as possible including relevant contact numbers, this should also be reported via datix please select preceptee as being involved in the drop down menu.

Once preceptees have been validated on the medication competency they are able to complete medications as per the local SOP, there is no requirement for a preceptee to be witnessed by another qualified member of staff if this is not usual procedure for nurses within your area.

Once QNA preceptees have been validated on the medication competency they are able to complete medications as per the local SOP. This does mean that there are some restrictions around PRN and discretionary medication, for which another registered colleague would have to be present.

Prior to tasks being delegated preceptees must be competent in that area. We would encourage all preceptees to utilise opportunities to gain experience whilst they are in their preceptorship period and have access to enhanced support. If there is a disagreement regarding certain tasks we would suggest supportive and reflective conversations are held between the preceptor and preceptee in order to understand any concerns or nervousness about the task or situation.

If further help or guidance is needed, the preceptorship team are able to provide support for these conversations.

There are no restrictions on preceptees being redeployed temporarily or permanently however, consideration must be given to induction to the area and support when redeployed including a possible change of preceptor. There is a specific competency regarding being redeployed and we encourage all preceptees to take the opportunity to gain experience in other areas where possible to ease potential anxieties.

There are no restrictions on a preceptees shift patterns however, prior to being placed on night duty considerations should be given regarding the level of support available to preceptees. If preceptees are taking charge on night duty then the relevant competencies should be validated prior to this (see can a preceptee take charge of a ward).

The preceptorship period is for a full 12 months however, competencies can be completed at any time during the 12 months. Once competencies are completed, the preceptorship period should not limit preceptees completing any activity, after 12 months the final sign off page should be sent to

There are circumstances in which this can happen however, this will need to be discussed with the preceptorship team on a case by case basis. 

Yes, if you do change roles, please let the preceptorship team know and your file and paperwork can be updated to reflect this.

It is possible in Mental Health Division, and Community Care Division for preceptee Nurses and AHPs with the appropriate knowledge, skill and values to gain a band 6 position within their first 12 months of employment, and being in preceptorship would not be a barrier to this.

In Secure Division, staff are required to have 18months post qualification experience before applying for band 6 positions.

Preceptees should actively be supporting students and other learners. For nurses and QNAs, the assessor session is built into the programme so all preceptees will be expected to be assessing students in the same area by the end of the programme. AHPs are able to support students in practice, but are required by their professional body to undertake HEE accredited training before they are able to act as an assessor in practice.

There will be catch up opportunities available however, due to the programme running in cohorts the catch up session maybe a number of months after the original session was planned therefore we would appreciate every effort being made to ensure that preceptees are able to attend the original session.