Monday, 1 August was the start of an exciting new chapter for Mersey Care and how we work together to make a real difference to our patients, service users, carers, and their families.

Working closely with Amanda Oates, (Exec lead for the organisational redesign) and her team, and with Trish Bennett (Exec lead for the operational and clinical redesign) and the operational and clinical teams, I am pleased to announce that we’ve reached the launch day of our new operating model and transition from four clinical divisions to three.

A summary of the clinical services in each of the new divisions can be found here:

As part of this redesign, we have brought together skills and expertise and appointed colleagues into new roles to help improve our patient and service user journey. We have strengthened the operational structure to ensure the leadership and operational oversight of our service delivery is more robust. We will also be introducing our framework around operational excellence to make sure our teams are supported to build on their expertise in operational delivery.

We have invested in our clinical oversight within the operational teams and firmed up the governance connection with the professional nursing and therapy structures. There are new roles in nursing and therapies that will help ensure we achieve our Perfect Care ambitions.

We are building partnerships and collaboration both within our internal structures to enable a ‘one operation’ approach combined with maintaining and building our relationships within our places and in the integrated care systems. Our focus is on building on the great work Mersey Care is already recognised for in improving patient safety, governance and firming up our connection to our places and our service lines across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Over the coming months we will start to see the early impacts of our approach to operational and clinical excellence and all your views and ideas will be part of how we shape our exciting new approaches. We will also continue with our organisational design objectives overseen by our Design Implementation Group.

Please take a look at the organograms which illustrate the senior leadership alignment per clinical division as below:

A huge thank you to all staff for your patience, co-operation, and hard work, you cannot underestimate the size of this task and the amount of work involved to safely land organisational change at this scale.

You’ll notice that in the weekly communications we have announced the new appointments as they have been confirmed and we will continue to do this over the coming weeks as the final appointments are made to the structures. Our corporate and Trust wide services have realigned their resources to support the clinical divisions to enable this organisational change and will continue to evolve this.

Today, for most staff there is no significant change and it’s business as usual. We will continue to engage and have conversations with you about how we make structured and phased improvements to standardise our services across the populations and geography we serve in the coming months. There’s lots of work to do ahead of the winter months and the system challenges and pressures we face each year, but these changes will put us in good shape to tackle them together.