The Education Centre is currently following the government’s guidance in its response to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are returning to the Gail Briers Education Centre or visiting for the first time we ask you respect the current measures in place to make the environment safe for all staff and visitors.

When attending a training course, we ask you to follow social distancing measures and remember to wear face coverings in all communal areas.

In order to social distance as safely as possible there is now limited seating available at the centre. Seats that are not to be used are clearly identified and we ask you to respect this throughout your visit.

We remind visitors not to congregate in corridors and doorways enabling visitors to pass safely. Signing in sheets for all courses will be with the course facilitator in the classroom as opposed to the reception desk. This again is an effort to cut down the number of people congregating at reception.

We encourage all visitors attending training to arrive on time for their individual sessions however please vacate the centre promptly when your course has ended.

When attending training at any of our training venues PPE will be provided for you. However people accessing the training venues are reminded that face coverings must be worn when entering the building and when using the building’s facilities. Visitors are reminded to safely dispose of PPE in the designated areas to maintain everyone’s safety.

Course participants will be asked to complete medical forms in relation to their health prior to training; this will include additional sections in relation to Coronavirus.

Due to exceptional circumstances, the physical Library at Hollins Park is closed until further notice, most likely for the next few months.

Further information can be obained by contacting the library services on 01925 664802

If you experience any of the recognised symptoms of Coronavirus then please do not attend the Education Centre and report it to your line manager immediately.

Teamwork for new starters

The teamwork course will now run 9am-5pm and will be for three days. Due to reductions there is essential course material that needs to be read prior to the course beginning. 

Team work update

Two day refresher courses have now changed to a two day course, one day distant learning before you attend your one day practical. This is in an effort to reduce the amount of time Trust staff spend making physical contact with others within the training room.

Because of this, training start and finish times have changed; the course now runs 9am – 5pm

Breakaway training will be two hour course and will have a maximum number of eight learners per course. In the interest of health and safety during this challenging time, learners will be asked to stay with the same partner throughout the course.

At the moment staff members working in a clinical inpatient setting must attend breakaway training annually. Community staff will update their training once every two years.

The learning and development team are currently developing a Personal Safety E- learning package that all community based staff will be able to access once completed. It is likely that this will be completed in the next three months. Further information on this will follow.

All in-patient staff and staff covering 136 suites will still need to attend the current Breakaway course.

If you have any issues regarding your physical ability to complete the course successfully then please speak to your line manager or the occupational health department (if appropriate) prior to commencing your training for further advice.