The process for applying for a course differs depending upon whether the course is being run internally within the Trust or externally via a training provider.  Please use the links below to find an explanation of each process.

You can search for and apply to book on an internal course by using the Oracle Learning Management (OLM) system. To access this system you will need either a Smartcard or you can obtain a User name and Password from

For information on how to book on to a course or access an e-learning module - see guidance below 

If you wish to apply for an external course, you will firstly need agreement from your line manager. Once your manager has agreed to you proceeding with your application, you should refer to the study leave application procedure and complete an study leave application form.

Where there are no financial implications for the Trust, external study leave may be granted by your line manager. However, if there are financial implications, the leave will be granted only if it is sanctioned by an Assistant Director.

It must be emphasised that any external study leave that is taken without prior approval will not be funded retrospectively.

This process is not to be used for internal courses or programmes.