Our redesign journey continues with the phased restructure of our operational services ahead of the proposed go live in July. The next phase of formal consultation launched on 18 May and aims to close on 15 June, this is for all permanent operational band 8c and 8b roles across the current existing four clinical divisions with the below roles in scope:

  • Clinical operational leadership
  • Professional nursing posts in the operational structure
  • Allied Health professional posts in the operational structure.

Roles out of scope in this phase are:

  • Psychology
  • Social Care
  • Nurse consultants
  • Corporate and Trust wide services, also specialist posts such as business support posts e.g., admin support, corporate governance, programme/project/ business change managers. Redesign work across our Trustwide/ Corporate services is at an early stage with ongoing work in place to review and inform its future design to meet the needs of our clinical services, and also deliver on statutory duties.
  • Colleagues who are substantively employed as B7 and 8a.

Those colleagues included within this phase of the consultation were invited to a launch event on 18 May.

We will keep you informed of timelines and next steps for this part of the organisational change.

If you have comments or questions, please email: operationsconsultation@merseycare.nhs.uk