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The guidance on this page relates to Mid Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021. 

NHS systems and related services like eReferral and the Electronic Prescription Service use a common approach to protect the security and confidentiality of every patient's personal and healthcare details.

This approach includes a rigorous identity check of all those who may have access to such records, and careful control of what access any individual should have. The NHS has set out the principles that will govern how patient information is used and these are set out in the NHS Care Records Guarantee. 

The NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system also uses this common approach, to protect the security and confidentiality of staff employment records.

All new starters to the Trust will go through identity checks with the Resourcing Team during recruitment. Once the new starter form has been processed in ESR, the request to provide a Smartcard is generated and goes through the following process:

  • The request goes into the RA's worklist in CIS (Care Identity Service)

  • The photo is uploaded from the folder provided by the Resourcing Team

  • The Smartcard is printed and either forwarded to the new starters manager or can be collected in person.

  • The Smartcard will only give you access to RiO clinical system when you have completed the necessary training.

  • The Smartcard can be unlocked by the RA Team at Hollins Park House or by your manager when you return to base.

  • Agency / Locum Workers

  • Trainees on Clinical Rotation

  • Local Authority Access

  • External Healthcare Organisations

  • Student Nurses

  • Junior Doctors

These staff need to complete a Smartcard new user form, once completed you will need to make an appointment to see the Registration Authority Team (face to face) where you will be required to produce the required ID documents and have your photograph taken. Please ring 01925 664494

The Registration Authority Team will add the required access to your Smartcard and produce the card.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Smartcards will only give access to RiO clinical system when training has been completed.

If you have been issued with a Smartcard in previous employment, you will still need to complete the Smartcard link form to verify date of birth, national insurance number and UUID (12 digit number) from the front of the Smartcard. Your manager will have to state what your post title will be so that the correct access can be added to the card

Care Identity Service

CIS Self Service Smartcard unlock is now live, enabling Smartcard holders to unlock their Smartcard themselves without having to contact their RA or Manager to do this for them.


This application allows people who lock their Smartcard to reset it themselves without having to contact another person to reset, especially advantageous with working out of office hours, from home or at remote sites.

The users Smartcard MUST be unlocked to register on their User Profile page in order to have this functionality enabled.  It requires the individual to set answers to secret questions and enter their Trust email address and an authorisation code.  Further information on how to register is in the attached leaflet.

If the user then locks their Smartcard they would open web page to request a reset. Further information on the process to unlock is also available here.

Note: currently only the following email address types are allowed to receive the reset code –,, and

Benefits include:

  • Ability to unlock the Smartcard without having to contact the RA or a Manager

  • Out of Hours workers able to unlock their Smartcard quicker

  • Secure as Smartcard questions and email are personal to the user


Phone: 01925 664494 - internal: 83 3494 or o1925 664406 internal: 83 3406