T-Levels are a new post 16 education pathway that gives people the opportunity to access a programme of study that provides both Academic studies and vocational learning will become one of the main choices for students after GCSE alongside Apprenticeships and Tradition A-Level study

Government is currently reviewing post-GCSE qualifications to create a simpler, high-quality system that students, parents and employers will all understand.

T Levels are based on the same standards as apprenticeships, designed by employers and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute).

  • T-Levels commenced in September 2020.
  • Technical-based qualifications focusing on vocational skills that can help students in to skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships
  • Take two years to complete
  • Developed in collaboration with employers
  • Follow on GCSEs and are broadly equivalent to 3 A Levels
  • For 16-19 year olds

T- levels have two distinct aspects to the course.  The course is divided by 80% classroom based theoretically delivery and 20% on the Job learning.  This 20% on the Job learning is known as an industry placement. This industry placement will be completed over 45 days within the employers dedicated T-Level role. 

For further information on any of our Talent for Care / Widening Participation programmes please contact  TalentforCare@merseycare.nhs.uk  


A simpler approach to vocational training

An industry placement is part of a T Level course - a new qualification for 16-19-year olds that have been designed by employers.

T Level students spend 80% of the course in the classroom, learning the skills that employers need. The other 20% is a meaningful industry placement, where they put these skills into action.

Industry placements are a shift from traditional work experience to a longer, more structured placement in the workplace for young people to develop real work skills and make a meaningful contribution to your organisation. Placements will last at least 315 hours (approx. 45 days).

Industry placements are at the heart of each T Levels course. The student’s school or college will support you at every stage so you can focus on getting the most out of your placement student. Here’s an overview of the process:

Who can offer industry placements?

T-Levels cover a multitude of subjects, to name a few that link to us here at Mersey Care:

  • Healthcare 
  • Business Administration 
  • Projects
  • Finance 
  • Digital 

Industry placements must take place in a work environment, so it's a good idea to offer placements within an area that has scope to support and progress students within your services and teams. 

How many placements can I offer?

You can offer as many industry placements as you wish. If you would like to host students please get in touch talentforcare@merseycare.nhs.uk

Why should I offer industry placements?

Industry placements give you a chance to work alongside the next generation of workers entering your industry, making sure they develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to succeed. 

They give you:

  • fresh ideas and input from the next generation
  • a talent pipeline for the future
  • a way for you to fill skills gaps
  • a chance for staff to develop supervisory and mentoring skills
  • an opportunity to build a more diverse workforce
  • an enhanced reputation in your community

What skills do T Level students have?

Within each course, students develop an understanding of a broad range of issues relevant to the sector, as well as topics specific to the course and an occupational specialism. This understanding is depend by the rashness of the experience that have during the industry placement.