Our staff in Mersey Care are our greatest asset and are key to delivering high-quality care. This has been exemplified more than ever throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with staff demonstrating remarkable resilience and commitment.

Our health and wellbeing team recognize that the continued demand and increase in workload will impact on the wellbeing of our staff, so we are inviting you all to attend one of four wellbeing events that can help support you to stay well in and out of work.

The event will consist of…

  • An Interactive bitesize physical activity session to keep you active, energized and flexible whilst you are in work (also idea for staff who are home working)
  • A workshop that promotes our wellbeing offer and gives you tangible, practical wellbeing advice and support that you can apply to yourself and your teams.
  • A chance to hear and engage with us and your managers  for  the future to make sure that we are keeping you well in work and to understand how you can play a part in advocating wellness in  your areas as one of our champions
  • A short workshop on how you can manage negative thought and anxieties and stay emotionally well in work. 

Dates and Times

  • Wednesday  6 October  at 3pm
  • Wednesday  13 October at 10am
  • Wednesday 20  October at 10am
  • Wednesday 27 October 10am

To book a place at one of our events go to  Section three, Wellbeing Wednesday’s - The Live Event