Welcome to Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Firstly, we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on completing your professional training, especially given the challenges of the last 18 months. Whilst the period of the Coronavirus Pandemic has been difficult for everyone working in healthcare, for you as a student you experienced rapid and unexpected changes in how the theoretical and practical components of your programme were delivered. Managing your learning over this period evidences your commitment to your profession, resilience, and ability to adapt to the changing environment of care; be proud of your achievements. Given your experiences we are delighted that you have chosen Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust as your first employed post, and we hope that we can work together to support you in your career, especially in the next 12 months as you embark on our Pursuit of Excellence Preceptorship Programme.  

At Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust we value our staff and are committed to working to our values of:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Support

In supporting you to make the transition into you new role, we will support you, harness your enthusiasm and commitment to improving patient care, recognise and respect the new perspectives you bring and welcome the challenges and new solutions you will share as we strive to deliver accountable person-centred care.


The Pursuit of Excellence Preceptorship Programme has been developed to support you during your first 12 months as a new registrant. This is an important period of your career, and we aim to work with you to enable you to confidentially apply and demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have developed as a student, to develop your professional role and ensure you maintain a work-life balance.

This programme is available to:

  • Healthcare Practitioners (registered nurses, midwives and allied health professionals) who have completed a pre-registration programme of study and have commenced employment within the UK for the first time.
  • Practitioners who have been educated overseas and are newly admitted to the relevant UK professional register.
  • Registered healthcare practitioners returning to practice following a significant period of absence.