In addition to the Preceptorship Programme there is additional support through both Clinical Supervision and your PACE review.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision brings practitioners and skilled supervisors together to reflect on clinical practice with the aim of identifying solutions to problems, improve practice and increase understanding of professional issues. All clinical staff will receive clinical supervision.

You should receive clinical supervision in addition to your preceptorship supervision although it may be undertaken within the same session. You will need to speak with your Preceptor or Line Manager regarding who will be undertaking your clinical supervision as it may not necessarily be your Preceptor. You must also ensure that clinical supervision is recorded in the correct format for your division.

Personal Development Review (appraisal)

Personal development reviews (PACE) are a vital part of ensuring excellent performance and supporting your own personal development. The reviews are structured as 2-way conversations which provide an opportunity to jointly discuss what you do well and constructively look at any areas for improvement.

All Preceptees must participate in a PACE review; this will be recorded on the Trust IT system. It is your opportunity to help shape and develop your learning plan for preceptorship and beyond.