Listening Rooms

You may already know that as a Mersey Care employee, you can access coaching and also counselling and talking therapy via Staff Support Psychological Therapy Services if you ever feel you need it. In the current situation, people may be feeling things a bit more acutely with a combination of our own family anxieties and work pressures on top of that. Teams and managers are doing a great job at putting in that extra support, but if you or your teams feel like you’d like a chat (nothing more than a listening ear) to talk through your worries, concerns, or emotions, then our Listening Rooms service could be just the thing.

What are the Listening Rooms?

Our Listening Rooms offer staff onsite brief intervention, signposting and support when in distress. Our team will come out to your service and speak with staff who have real time concerns to really ‘hear’ and understand how they are feeling and help signpost to other wellbeing service if needs be. Our only ask is that you provide a room, a confidential space within your service that we can deliver the Listening Room from.

Listening Rooms are not...

Our Listening Rooms are not a formal approach; you won’t be assessed, put on a waiting list, or be offered any therapeutic support.

If you would like one of our Listening Room facilitators to come out and speak with your team, you can contact: