The Safeguarding Duty Hub is available for all staff across the Trust to access safeguarding advice and support in practice.

The Safeguarding Duty Hub offers the provision of specialist safeguarding and children and adult practitioners from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday through a single point of access Trust wide.

The team are available throughout the day to support staff in practice with any safeguarding queries or concerns. Staff will be able to contact the hub by a universal phoneline, email inbox and Microsoft Teams for:

  • Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adult case consultation
  • Reactive safeguarding supervision for individuals, care groups or teams
  • Safeguarding training or other learning queries
  • Advice on safeguarding policy and procedure
  • Navigation and connection with external partners and supportive safeguarding services.
  • Negotiated bespoke services and support to meet the needs of individuals, groups, or teams

To discuss any safeguarding matters please contact a central hub of specialist safeguarding practitioners by telephone:  0151 351 8484 or by email: