Dr Aravind Komuravelli, Associate Medical Director (Warrington) - Chair

Dr Tessa Myatt, Medical Director/Director of Medical Education (Under-Graduate and International Training Fellows)

Dr Ashley Baldwin, Director of Medical Education (Post-Graduate and Research)

Dr Anna Pearson, Research and Development Manager

Mike Kenny, Operational Assistant Director

Dr Divya Jain, Consultant Psychiatrist

Tracy Owen, Knowledge and Library Services Manager

Dr Amy McCulluch, CT Trust

Carol Douglas, Medical Workforce and Education Advisor

Laura Donkin, Medical Workforce and Education Administrator

Congratulations to the following trainees that passed their MRCPsych CASC Examination January 2022

Coral Anderson

Eleanor Gaynor

Oluwaseun Ibiwoye

Olufunto Segan


Also congratulations to the following trainees for passing their MRCPsych Examination Paper A in December 2021:

Dina Atef Abouelmagd

Matthew Agius


Congratulations to the following trainees that passed their MRCPsych Paper B Examination October 2021

Surabhi Agarwal

Coral Anderson

Oluwaseun Ibiwoye

Mehreen Mahfooz

Laura Middleton


We are pleased to share that a painting done by one of our trainees - Dr Anushree Radhakrishnan has been selected as the cover page for the BJPsych Feb edition 2022

Anushree has tried to depict the mental health impact of COVID and future hope when the Pandemic was at its peak in 2020

The painting was selected as part of 180th RCPsych anniversary celebrations Click here to view

Joint Academic Forum - Poster Competition

ID 629 Capacity & Consent poster with charts - Dr Wee & Dr Angahar


Semester 1 - Aug 20-Feb 21

  • General Adult - Bipolar

  • Old Age - Mood Disorders

  • CAMHS - Attachment

  • Psychotherapy - Approaches to Depression

  • General Adult - Perinatal Psychiatry

  • Forensics - To Mad to Murder

  • Substance Misuse - MH & Alcohol Drug Use

  • Intellectual Disabilities - Behavioural Issues

  • General Adult - Psychosis

  • CAMHS - Mh Problems in C&A with ID

  • General Adult - Anxiety

  • General Adult - Depression

  • General Adult - Suicide and Self-Harm

  • Old Age Psychosis

  • Across the Ages - Psychosis

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