Health Needs Assessment

We need your voice! We want to engage with you to actively understand what it is that you need inside and outside of work to keep you well!

Mersey Care understands our greatest asset is its staff and you are key to delivering high-quality care. This has been exemplified more than ever throughout the Covid-19 pandemic with staff demonstrating remarkable resilience and commitment. Our health and wellbeing team recognize that the continued demands and increase in workload will impact on the wellbeing of our workforce and so we want to co-create and design a wellbeing offer, that truly meets the needs of you- our people, in order to keep you well inside and outside of work.

We have developed a set of questions that form part of a health needs assessment, giving you an opportunity to talk about your physical, mental and environmental health needs. Your feedback will help inform and shape a new model of health and wellbeing intervention for Mersey Care. We would never want to assume that we know or fully understand what are colleagues need, which is why we are reaching out to you to, to capture your voice and help Mersey Care help us shape its wellbeing offer.

The survey will take less than ten minutes and if you complete the survey, your name will go into a prize draw to win one of five fit-bit wrist bands.. Please help us to understand what it is you need.  Also ensure you are using a modern browser (click here for examples) when completing this survey to avoid any potential issues that might occur.

Best Wishes,

Ben Towell

Health and Wellbeing Manager