Mersey Care is a leading care provider and our events – especially those where we have guests – should always look and feel of the highest quality, reflecting our status and the professionalism of our staff and services. We want to make a strong impression and be visible as the provider and employer of choice. Your event should make a strong and positive impression and we want to help to deliver that.

Where events are open to the public, we should always be able to point people to information about our services in general and where they can find details of employment opportunities. This may only need a short briefing or a website URL but always ask so we can support you.

The Trust Events Manager has a list of the main venues we believe are appropriate for the majority of events. We can provide details of the room size, facilities and, where possible, the prices at the last visit. These are all issues to consider and discuss with the events manager so that we can make sure your event is held in the right venue, accessible to those invited, and offering the best value for money for the Trust. It’s not a definitive list – we welcome wider suggestions. We can share information about the venues we are aware of and can provide most experience of having used.

In every eventuality all public and large scale staff events must be discussed and planned with the events manager.

If you require promotion or publicity, or need ‘giveways’, you will need to engage with the events manager and communications team well in advance so that designs and orders can be placed. This also applies if you need PowerPoints or other media resources, to support the NHS brand in general and Mersey Care’s identity in particular.

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