Thank you to everyone who attended this meeting.  We’ll post the minutes here as soon as they are ready.

Some items from the day now require urgent action. These opportunities are not being offered trust wide but to BAME staff to increase representation and to assist with breaking barriers. If you know someone who may be interested but is not in the network (there are plenty of staff not joined as yet) please pass this along:

  1. LEO (train the trainer) opportunity for BAME Staff

LEO is a national leadership programme accredited externally to Mersey Care. After successful completion of this fice day course you will become a LEO trainer. You will also be able to be a LEO trainer outside of Mersey Care. You would be called to facilitate LEO training (which is usually three days of training) alongside a staff member from the OE team. You will not be employed by OE team but will be an honorary trainer while you retain your current role in the NHS.

Please send your CV and an A4 page to state why you would want to become a LEO trainer, setting out what you feel you’d bring to the facilitator session no later than 4 January 2022. Please send your expressions of interest to Melissa Holt asap. You can also speak to Melissa if you need her support with the application or if you have questions.

  1. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) training opportunity for registered core profession BAME Staff

We recognise there is a need to offer culturally sensitive psychological support. CBT is one of the most recognised and recommended modality of psychological support according to NICE guidelines but there are not enough BAME CBT therapists. To remedy that, there is an offer to train in CBT with the Staff Support team who would provide your placement, cases and supervision. This a really great opportunity as CBT therapists are very sought after. This qualification can be used in the NHS and/or externally. You would be assisting your BAME community as well since representation matters but particularly when people need to be understood in the context of working on their mental health.  

Criteria: You must be in a Registered Core profession e.g. Nurse, SW, Psychologist (UKCP Registered), Medicine, Art Therapist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist. For more information see:  Please send your expression of interest asap or by 10 January to Salome Mare-walsh or Louise Horne You may also contact Louise herself especially if you have questions about the training.

Thanks to Melissa and Louise and all involved for these opportunities.

Thank you for your interest and please share with BAME friends and colleagues across the Trust so we can involve as many parts of our organisation as we can.