The Quality and Compliance Team (also known as the CQC Team) are part of the Nurse Executive Directorate within Corporate Services.

The team is responsible for two main areas of work - Care Quality Commission (CQC) engagement and Quality Review Visits (QRV).

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

•Information Requests – both adhoc and during inspections

•Visits / inspections by the CQC to the Trust

•Registration of buildings and activities

•Regular engagement meetings with CQC inspectors and leads to ensure assurance and compliance

•Facilitating Mental Health Act visits and ensuring teams / services meet deadlines for response

•Facilitating Non-Executive / Executive visits which is part of the Trust’s ongoing engagement and support to staff and patients/service users. 

Quality Review Visit (QRV) 

•Coordinating QRVs to teams / services

•Preparing and processing QRV reports

•Generating QRV Action Plans to support team / service improvement

•Reporting on emerging QRV themes of good practice and areas requiring improvement

•Self Assessments on Audit Management and Tracking (AMaT)


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