Information alert

The guidance on this page relates to Mid-Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021. 

I am a bank worker. If I do not have any shifts booked and become unwell as a result of coronavirus am I entitled to any payment from the Trust?   

Bank workers are not entitled to receive any payment or occupational sick pay from the Trust. 
Bank workers may be entitled to receive an element of Statutory Sick Pay in line with HMRC guidelines and eligibility criteria.
If bank workers become unwell, they should report their sickness to the Trust nurse bank team: so an assessment can be made by our payroll provider.

I am a bank worker. I am in a higher risk group and am worried about coming into work in case I catch Covid-19. Should I carry out a risk assessment?    

All staff including bank staff should carry out a risk assessment using the safety assessment and decision (SAAD) tool. You will not be able to access the online form so will have to use a paper copy provided to you by the Temporary Staffing team.

If you scored as being high risk using the SAAD tool, the enhanced risk assessment tool should be completed. Guidance on how to carry this out can be found in MBN 391 and the Enhanced risk assessments flowchart.

I am a bank worker. I have future shifts booked and have had to self-isolate as a result of coronavirus. Am I entitled to any payment from the Trust?    

Where it is clear from the bank administration system that someone had a number of shifts agreed and confirmed to work during the self-isolation period, payment will continue as though the shifts had been worked.

I am a bank worker and will require carers’ leave. How is my pay entitlement calculated?  

You will receive pay for any shifts booked and due to have been worked during the period of carers’ leave.

I’m a bank staff member and I have tested positive. Who do I need to inform?   

You should notify the Temporary Staffing team by emailing who will act as your line manager.

If you test positive during the weekend, you should inform the Covid- 19 Incident Management Team and the Track and Trace Team to enable contract tracing to commence as soon as possible.

You will need to have completed 10 days of isolation and have had no fever for 48 hours to book any further bank shifts. Please see the return to work process for further guidance.