To support staff to be better informed about the new structures and the service line model in the community  division, organisational structure charts  are available.  This includes the clinical services and support staff  and will include individual members of staff and their phone number, which will hopefully make it much easier to contact each other as well as understanding all the different teams and services. 

The organograms will be updated on a monthly basis and will be published here each month. The posts of those staff who are on maternity leave and long term sickness absence are shown in the structures but names have been removed to maintain personal privacy.

Due to the level of change within our workforce, we recognise that there will inevitably be a small number of inaccuracies and omissions.  Please raise any issues with your relevant team leader and they will escalate this to the relevant manager for each service that has responsibility for updating the charts prior to publication each month. The organograms are accessible by community services staff only