The Choice and Medication website,  gives you, our staff, and our service users and carers the information you may want to know about medications related to mental ill-health. The site, gives questions and answers on over 110 medicines used in mental health and over 20 mental health conditions. There is also a search facility where you can search for information about certain medications and conditions. Use this link to go to the site, or just type this address into a web browser if trying to access when you are not on the Trust's network.

Click on 'Medications' to bring up a drop down menu. Select the medication that you require

Click on ‘Where can I print information about...X…..?’

For a 'User Friendly', patient information leaflet, click on 'Download a handy PIL' Click on the printer icon to print

For the manufacturers patient information leaflet, click on the link: ''

Alternatively, a search can be done for specific Mental Health conditions. There are 20 mental health conditions listed. By selecting 'depression', the following information will appear:

What is it?, what are the symptoms?, differential diagnoses, causes, alternative treatments, comparing alternative antidepressants, talking therapies , duration of treatment, time to onset, combination treatments, guidelines and where to find more information.

The Team have also established a link with the University of Birmingham who have a website dedicated to information for service users with a learning disability.

Both sites are great tools for finding out more about medication used to treat mental illness and learning disability, and provide a fantastic resource for our service users and carers. As a staff member, you can refer any service users or carers enquiring about their medication to these valuable resources.