Cambridge Spark are one of the Trusts partner educational providers,  delivering and supporting apprenticeships across the organisation are hosting some information and Insight sessions for upcoming apprenticeship programs.  

Cambridge Spark is an education technology company that enables organisations to achieve their business goals by educating their workforce in data science & artificial intelligence.

Their programmes are expertly designed to develop the data science and AI capability needed across business units in your organisation. From data literacy for the general population through to advanced machine learning for central technical teams, our modular curriculum can be tailored to develop the skills needed at all levels of the organisation. Our programmes are delivered through EDUKATE.AI, our proprietary online learning platform for data science.

Below are the links to the information and Webinar sessions that are being hosted across May & June 2023.  

Data Citizen with CIPD (People Analytics pathway information session)

 Looking at the data skills gap within HR teams and how we aim to improve

A day in the life of an NHS L7 AI Data Scientist

Find out what it is like to work as a Data Scientist and understand how AI & Data Science are transforming healthcare

NHS L3 Data Citizen information session

Suitable for Administrators, Technicians, Coordinators to find out how they can take their career to the next level and have a real impact within their department

Once you have completed the Levy Application form and submit this to the Apprenticeship team.  This will then be sent to Work force Development, training and Education Group for funding approval. Once approval has been given you details will be submitted to the apprenitceship provider. 

With this employer  confirmation the provider will issue an application pack to interested applicants which includes the necessary forms and guidance. The application form enables the provider to build up a picture of the candidate, their experience and the knowledge and skill areas they are looking to develop. 

Levy application forms to be completed and submitted to the apprenitcship team: 

  • 9th June 2023 for the AI Data Scientist 
  • 30th July 2023 for the Data Citizen apprenticeship 

Levy applications to be submitted by the end of each month for approval in the following month  

To complete the Levy funding application form to secure funding click HERE.

 *Please not this form needs to be completed by both you and your line manager*   

Completed Levy applications forms must be submitted to apprenticeships@merseycare.nhs.uk