New Year Greetings,

We would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2022.

Please note: MCFT is in business continuity so the committee is not available as usual until further notice but remains reachable via email if you require support/advice.

We are marginally different from when we commenced the year 2021. Then, it was a moment marked by the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic to the health of the nation and to us in particular - a significant constituency of the NHS frontline health care staff. Today, the numbers of COVID affected persons are higher but the fatalities appear to be low, according to official figures. As such we, together with the entire NHS family and fraternity hope 2022 is the year we see the threat posed by this deadly virus rescind if not disappear altogether. We send our condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the past year, may you find comfort.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to those of you who provided vital services during the challenging period both in providing health care and personal safety. So, we say to each and every one of you, be proud of your dedication and tireless work towards fulfilling the NHS health delivery goals and in particular those of our trust.

As we now face the year ahead, we would like to consolidate the success we have achieved so far as mentioned in the Chair’s annual general meeting report.  The success has come as a result of commitment and dedication by the executive committee, different working groups and our allies. Thanks to all our members and colleagues who attended meetings in 2021. However, we would like to mention what we would describe as disappointing. In the meetings and events we held throughout the year, the participation of members has been low.

We understand the duty pressures for those working on the front line. However, if it is considered that we hold six meetings in a year inter-spaced by awareness events, sufficient notice is given which can enable members to make arrangements to be available for the meetings. Visibility is everything. We cannot be noticed in absentia and we cannot say we are a community without the community presence. Your colleagues need you to welcome them when they are new to the network / trust / country, provide your support and expertise, your listening ear and to share in any good news stories. We hope you will also commit to spread the news of any meetings and awareness sessions in your work areas.

It is our collective responsibility as network members to champion for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). As such each one of us has to engage in activities towards that goal. Please be there and take interest in the conversations we hold pertaining to matters which have bearing on our lived experience at work. As such, we would ask you to make a commitment to attend a minimum of 3 meetings during this year.

Best wishes

Your Committee

Chris Muzavazi, Salome Mare-Walsh, Leila Saeed, Ushna Mian, Rumbidzai Nyengerai